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Junior Chinese

Study shows that children who speak multiple languages can have additional benefits such as the ability to communicate better, improved learning at school and have more empathy towards others. It also gives advantages later on for their career and business opportunities as they grow up.

So, why not get your little ones to learn the language that will broaden their culture awareness, boost their confidence in communication, and definitely give them the advantage in the future business world.


We aim to build up students’ confidence and interests first through fun and interactive activities so the children can communicate in a confidence manner. We then build up their vocabulary and sentences structures through reading and writing exercises. So every student will be competent in all 4 areas of the languages demands.


We have designed our own “real life” immersion curriculum to build up a solid foundation of the language which can be simply adapted as a communication tool for further study of GCSE and A level.

We offer

We offer selections of Junior Mandarin classes from after school and Saturday club that offer learning Chinese through fun activities like calligraphy and craft making to weekly and intensive GCSE & A level syllables and revision classes. We offer both groups classes and one to one tuition. We can tailor to your child’s learning needs.

Saturday Fun Club

  • Every Saturday 10am - 11am
  • Ideal Age: 6 - 10

Kids who never learned Chinese or have little / some knowledge of the language.

This class is aiming to teach Mandarin through series of fun activities including calligraphy, paper cutting, origami etc.

Junior Mandarin Class Beginner

  • Every Saturday 11:15am - 12:45pm
  • Ideal Age: 10 - 14

For bigger children who would like to learn the language in a more serious manner while still having fun.

This course is an excellent foundation for learning the language.
It will suit children who might consider taking GCSE or A level in the future or to use the language for further study

Junior Mandarin Class Intermediate

  • Every Saturday 1:30pm - 3:00pm
  • Ideal Age: 10 - 14

For students who has completed the beginner class or already some previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

GCSE & A Level Chinese

Our GCSE classes follow the new national curriculum syllabus, we design weekly lessons aiming to build up a solid foundation for students who are taking or going to take GCSE and A level Mandarin to be fluent, confident and fully prepared for the challenges.

Pre – GCSE class

  • Age: 11 onward

For students who are considering or unsure whether to take on GCSE Mandarin exam. This course helps students to understand and learn Mandarin in an easy, relax and fun format and in the meantime establishes a good foundation for further study if they choose to do so.

GCSE Year 1

  • Age: 11 onward

First year of GCSE study is to set a solid foundation following closely the new national curriculum.
This course aims to build up students’ confidence on the 4 areas of the language demands – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

GCSE Year 2

  • Age: 11 onward

The second year of the GCSE study is to ensure students continue to improve and are able to use the language in the more complex manner that the exam demands.

GCSE Year 3 ( Revision )

  • Age: 11 onward

This is final year of GCSE study. The main focus is to get students ready for the exam. We help students revise and strengthen their language ability and prepare them to be ready for the exam.