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Welcome to Mindy’s Mandarin School About Us

Why Study Mandarin Chinese?

Research shows learning a second language improves your brain’s power and plasticity which in turn can help preventing dementia or similar problems. So why not choose a language that is spoken by 850 million people and the country’s economy is the 2nd largest in the world.

Learning Chinese can boost your career prospects and open up business opportunities. Furthermore, learning Chinese can lead you to a culture that not only is beautiful and fascinating in its ancient history but also its ideology and customs that are different to the western world.


Our mission is to provide quality teaching in a relaxed learning environment for children and adults.

We set up this Mandarin school aiming to make learning Chinese fun, easy and to break the common idea that learning Chinese is difficult. Our learning material and programme are design to make learning more enjoyable and for it to be easier to immerse oneself with the culture and the use of the language.


We aim to build up the students’ confidence and interests first through interactive and full immersion learning programmes so learners can communicate in a confidence manner from the first lesson. We then focus on building up the students’ ability using the language to suit different purposes and intentions so every student will be competent in all 4 areas (speaking, listening, reading and writing) of the languages demands.